Are you looking for a Roti Making machine for Commercial or home use?

Yeah, Your search ends here. You will find various types of Roti making machine or Chapati making machine according to various parameters like number of chapati or roti per hour.

Use and Features:

We deal in Automatic Chapati Making Machines which are specially designed and engineered to produce a huge amount of chapattis/rotis of perfect size and quality giving our customers high level of satisfaction. These Roti Making Machines work by automating the process of pedal making(pedals are round similar sized dough balls used for making rotti) with chapatti making. Our Automatic Roti Making Machines can produce 1000 chapatis in an hour, Besides delivering high output our machines are easy to use, compact in size and can make perfect shaped pedals and rotis.


Within four to five days after order is placed.

Finished Product:


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