Dry Onion Peeling Machine are arguably the world’s most widely used ingredient. They vary in shape and color from flattish brown to round pale bulbs but share a common structure, with a papery outer skin and protecting inner layers of pale, crisp flesh.

Once harvested and the outer skins dried, they can be stored for many months and transported across the globe: nature’s perfect packaging.

To be used, the outer layers should be removed, the peeled onion can then be used whole, as in pickled onions, or chopped to be used as an ingredient in other products. Peeling is an awkward process to automate because onions vary in shape and size.

Use and Features:
• Capacity: 30,50,100kg/hr
• Dimension:L700 x W700 x H1600 mm
Motor Power:2 hp single phase,1 HP in Three Phase
• Weight:175kg
• Approximate Material: Internal made by stainless steel
• Power Source:220/380 ACV Or according customers supply source
• Completely wet-peeling operation
• Energy saving unit
• No damage to garlic clove
• Price-1,10,000- 1,50,000-2,00,000
  •  Dry peeling process.
  • Automatic pick-up of onions from hopper.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Variable Speed up to 110 carriers/minute (Normal operating speed 90 carriers/minute).
  • No change parts required when varying onion size.
  • Simple mechanism, using a tried and tested mechanical design.


Within four to five days after order is placed.

Finished Product:


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